Black screen on HP 1000tx pavillion

Hey hey!

This scared me a lot!!! Black screen, without even a chance to enter BIOS on my notebook… wow

In case you don’t know, or don’t want to bother and search for image of this notebook, here it is:

Beautiful little thing!? It was neat and convenient, buuut that showed to be only good side of it. Dark sides I’m yet to discover. One of those “dark” sider, or how should I say, flaws of this little machine is overheating. People generally have bad experience with HP portable computers considering the overheating. I mean, I’m not expert, but I have been reading blogs for couple of days, searching for cure for my problem.

Anyway, what was the problem?

I had a usual daily work, and after finishing it, I’ve shut it down. Tomorrow, when I switched it on, it would not show anything on screen. Not even a HP slash screen, and BIOS parameters. First, I thought, I’ll reset BIOS. That did not work. Then, I thought, maybe there is a problem with a hard disk. I plugged it out, and then in, but that did not help too. It was quite funny that I did not panic. Took some time to search internet for the same problem, and found some sites with discussion about this particular problem. There were some very strange answers, and you can read them here. I’d like to point part of it, that actually helped me. Here it is:

Easy fix for the black screen…It is the solder connections on the GBA (grid Ball Array) they need to be reflowed. If you want to fix this yourself and not have to take laptop apart follow these steps
1- Turn on the laptop with the power cord connected
2- take 2 heavy towels and wrap the laptop in them with the laptop still running.
3-This causes the heat to build up and not be dispalced by the fans
4-Leave it running and covered for 30-40 mins
5-Unwrap laptop, turn off power and then restart
6-Thats all there is, works like a charm!!
7- I have fixed over a dozen in my shop like this

I read some other discussions and mixed both cures, and fixed the problem. I put notebook in some tight plastic and wrap it with some clothes and left it for 1 hour. After that, I took it, opened the screen tab, and pressed the J and K keys, very strong, but not too strong to break something. Did hold them for about 1 minute, and then left notebook to cool. After that, amazingly, it was working! YEY :D. Now, you could ask yourself, ooor me, why J and K letters? That is what I also have read on some discussions related to this problem. The reason is that GPU is right beneath these keys, and since it was some veeeeryyy stupid problem, I had to push it back to it’s place, but I’ll get back to this thought later. That is how I fixed the problem, once more with help of google !

Here is the video of one guy who was very professional with his approach to the problem. Of course, if I was to fix it the same way, I’d have to have same tools, which I did not want to buy.

Thanks man! Hope this will help all you guys with the same problem!

Ummm, yeah! The thought I was going to speak about! Such a stupid problem! Producing machines with this kind of a problems? I mean, this is not a software so you have some time for debugging and patching it, after you have sell it!!! Funnier, and at the same time, sadder thing is that this technique, for fixing it, showed to work. This incredibly reminds me of native Americans, and their smoke signals. I ask you guys, WTF!!?? It is like a cartoon story, take it, bake it, press it, cool it. Works, yey! Now, I’m going to visit a witch, and ask her about problems of future! Seriously, once a gain, WTF!