Quite interesting cyberpunk/sci-fi imgur albums pt.1

Since I’ve been developing imgur album downloader, I had to test it somehow. Cyberpunk is one of my interests, so I’ve been searching for some cyberpunk albums to download, and since I have found a lot of cyberpunk albums, I want to share some of them. Here are the links:



Imgur album image downloader pt.2

Hello dear reader 🙂

I was bothered by the way I wrote script for imgur downloader, cuz there are more sophisticated ways to do it. That is why I decided to use more Python system function, which made the script more readable, and customizable. This script uses urllib, urllib2, urlparse libraries for work with image and page URLs.

The thing I added to the previous version is fullscreen option, and directory where to download album.

Anyone interested can ask for source, and I’ll be glad to share it.