My name is Ilija and I’m a student at ending year of master degree on computer science at Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, which is part of Faculty of Natural Sciences in Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia.

I’ve worked as undergraduate teaching assistant for one semester on subject of Communication and network technologies, Client web technologies and short course on Linux OS and basic administration.

Assisting on Communication and network technologies subject included:

  • Addapting OSI and TCP/IP network architecture for students of computer science,
  • Designing and implementing basic application protocol based on Berkeley Sockets in C programming language.

Assisting on Client web technologies subject included practices in designing web pages using HTML, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JSon and XML.

Short course on Linux administration included basics of Linux as operating system and administration (basics of monitoring, user management and Bash).

I have intermediate knowledge on Linux system administration including:

  • Package management (using pacman, apt, yum, dpkg, rpm),
  • Networking (including network configuration and DHCP configuration),
  • Remote administration,
  • Version control systems (SVN and Git),
  • System monitoring,
  • User and group management,
  • NFSv3 and NFSv4 file servers,
  • Libvirt and KVM virtualization,
  • Basic LAMP administration,
  • Kerberos administration and gluing it up with NFS4 and LDAP making SSO.

Beside that I have fluency at C, Java, C# computer languages, and Bash, Python, PHP, JavaScript script languages.

Beside Linux administration my interests are:

  • Software engineering and development,
  • Network design and administration.

At the mean time I have a full time job at the Intranea Solutions, working as Linux system administrator and at research
and development.

Also, for a couple of months I have been involved in part of open source project called ownCloud, developing News application for FirefoxOS using AngularJS

You can check my LinkedIn profile here.

After hard work I like to spend time enjoying music, swimming and everything that brakes boredom of everyday life.


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