Ganglia HDD plugin

Hey hey,

Like I said, it was lot going on. One of things was my first ganglia plugin. Let’s cut to the meat! 🙂

Plugin is developed for Debian like and Red Hat like systems (deb and rpm package). It is for personal use on grid cluster. Private in sense I did not write all documentation for packages, like for example man pages.

How I did this? I have used gmetric ganglia set tool, for making my custom metrics. Main tool is of course binary made by HD Sentinel, for listing hard disk info, like temperature, health, hours of work etc. Part of the package is script that is extracting basic data from HD Sentinel output and sending it to gmetad by gmetric script. To be precise, I used extended gmetric script written in Python. Reason was I needed grouping option, which default gmetric tool doesn’t have. GmetricP (P from Python) does grouping and sends it to gmetad daemon on main node with ganglia web page, displaying it under custom metrics.

Ganglia HDD Plugin

This is not very clean and pretty way of doing it, but it does the job. Better way would be to write ganglia plugin in Python, like described in ganglia documentation.


Making ganglia work

Hey hey!

Today I’m gonna say a few words about ganglia monitoring system.

First things first. I’m a newb for it. But I have managed to make it work on cluster. I went through compiling 3.1.2 version, making frontend work, installing all necessarily packages like libconfuse, rrdtools and other stuff. Everything went smoothly except graphs didn’t show! 😦 Buuut! today, after all that blood, sweat and tears 🙂 graphs finally appeared.

The problem was that I wanted to use custom directory for rrd graphs. Apparently, I did not set paths correctly. At the end I decided to make /var/lib/ganglia/rrds directory, and they showed up! YEY 🙂 Cheers!