Gnome terminal scroll doesn’t work

Hey hey, it’s me and I’m here to get you few hints on this problem.
So let us begin.
As serious Linux user, I always use terminal. Since I’m Gnome user, I use default terminal called gnome-terminal. Using it for administration and programming, makes me want to change it’s profile, to make it look relaxing for my eyes. So I did some changes and also removed scroll function from terminal when I’m in vim or viewing man pages. That was big mistake, and I did not realize what I’ve done that moment. So after a while, I was stuck in vim or man pages using keyboard up and down keys. Pain in the aaaday 🙂 I tried to find some answers on google knowing that someone was also having the same problem. But I guess not. Or I did not have patience to look for it long enough.
Then I realized I have to do some searching through options in gconf-editor. Handy little thing. After searching scroll, mouse, terminal I have found that Gnome keeps the default profile of terminal with a lot of options, and profiles that you make has few options. First of them is alternate screen scroll. That is our problem. If it is unchecked, then you can’t scroll when you are in VIM or viewing MAN pages. After you check it, you will be able to do that.
Now I can relax in chair scrolling up and down through my code in C never bothering to do up down navigation by keyboard. Yey!

Wot is Clementine?

Hey hey hey!

It’s been while since my last post, and that is because I had a one month break… Ok, it was officially brake, but I can’t stop researching.

Since last time, many new things happened, like new Spor 018 podcast (Yeah, I ❤ DNB). There was a SimLab seminar on parallel programming and numerical simulations in Belgrade, which I have attended. New version of Clementine (0.5) player is out, having some really cool stuff added (sync with removable media like usb, queue manager and other).

You must be saying, wow! does these things have something in common. No! I just wrote it without making any order.

This would be all from me, for now! Bye!

(mmm what about clementine???)

Huh yeah 🙂 Clementine!

The story goes like this. There was Amarok. Great music player based on qt libraries. It was made for KDE desktop eviroment, but ppl could use it on gnome too. Everyone can recall how Amarok 1.4 was kicking the ass. The BEST. Then, ppl making Amarok made some “improvements” (at least that is how I look at them), and there you got Amarok 2.0. For someone who was new to Amarok, and started with a Amarok 2.0, that version was not bad. But for users of good old Amarok 1.4, new version was crappy, or for most of them (and me!). As time passed by, new distributions of Linux went out, and there was no support for Amarok 1.4. Some ppl continued to share manually compiled versions for new distributions, so we could enjoy best Amarok ever made, but this will end soon. That was the reason why some Amarok 1.4 fans started making new player based on Amarok 1.4 look. They named it Clementine! Yey. It is very new project, and doesn’t have some of Amarok 1.4 functionalities, but they keep building new versions and as I can see, Clementine is going to be very similar to Amarok 1.4 in near future. As I said, there is new 0.5 version of Clementine, and I recommend you to try it.

That’s is ppl, see you soon!