Quite interesting cyberpunk/sci-fi imgur albums pt.1

Since I’ve been developing imgur album downloader, I had to test it somehow. Cyberpunk is one of my interests, so I’ve been searching for some cyberpunk albums to download, and since I have found a lot of cyberpunk albums, I want to share some of them. Here are the links:



Processing the ideas!

Hey hey, it is a bit late in the night, so I’m going to make this shorter for the sake of my sleep.

There was some time since I did last introduction in Processing. I have had many things to do, so I abandoned it, hoping I will come back to it someday in the future. Awwww, like a tale! 🙂 I almost feel sorry for me! Almost! Anyway, like a good old(young) student I don’t have time to do things I would like, or at least I don’t have enough time… Where is the Processing in this story??? Here it is!

This semester I had to do some seminar on formal languages, automata and language processors. That has to do with computational theory. I had freedom to choose subject of my seminar, and I did. It is about cellular automata. Wolfram’s rules, Rule 30 (not that you would firstly picture in your mind) and Conway’s game of life. Game of life or just Life was very fascinating to me. So fascinating I wanted to make it by myself. I did. I programmed it in C, with the lousy visualization in terminal (with 0 and 1). Then I remembered. Processing! Just the right tool for it!

But wait! I did not know the intermediate techniques for it! That did not scare me, and should not scare you. Very similar to Java. You don’t know Java? Never mind, you will learn it for a short period because it is very intuitive. With knowing the C and Java, and some basics in graphics, programming the game of life took me couple of hours.

Here it is:

Code is quite simple, and I will post it here. Since I don’t like how my wp is formatting the code, I will post link to it, when I figure out how to present it.

At the end, program is not complicated, Processing is not complicated too, but the game is very fun to set and watch.

Bye !:)