Web aplication almost finished pt.2

Since being a good blogger I have to worry about my blog being read, every now and then, I had to start writing on English, as you can see. Now, I don’t know if that is going to make my blog more visited or not, but at least I can give it a try :).

So, in last article there was some talk about my “new” web site for faculty library. Now, you’ll say: “WOW, that must be AWSEOME”… And I say yes, it is awesome, but not super awesome since it has one page and practically just reads from database. No insertion or administration possibilities. Now you’ll say: “Dude WTF did you do then?” 🙂 and I’ll say, I built it with my ten fingers. From the scratch! I don’t want to make myself super dude or super programmer. This is just one basic web application which I programmed as I went through course of web programming in my classes. Technologies that were used are: PHP5, MySQL5, PDO, jQuery’s DataTables and of course HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I want to make special thanks to my home server with Ubuntu 8.04 Server OS, set up by me 🙂 and other things related to it… (if there are any left).

The web application had a really simple design, and that was not so appealing for the everyday use, so one professor from my department had some suggestions and I changed design.

Here you can see the new design and, I’m sorry if you can’t read it but it is not meant to be for foreigners. It is still simple web application for the intern use. If some day it becomes pretty used app I, or whoever keeps improving it  will certainly add English language.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’d like to see some comments bout my new design…