ownCloud New mobile applicaiton

Regarding my last post on my contribution to ownCloud project, I’d like to proudly say

that version for public revision is successfully pushed at https://github.com/owncloud/news-mobile.

From now on, there are adaptations, changes and approval of community (also some participation would be nice),

and we could have FireFox OS application ready for FF simulator, and Geeksphone users to try it, test it.


Eventually, I tried to compile it with Cordova, and manage to make it work on Android 2.3 (since I got that version),

but with regret, it seems that there are certain mechanisms which need to be satisfied regarding Android/Cordova

javascript events on application startup.

Now, I have searched and found couple of AngularJs/Cordova boilerplate project which give good start up to AngularJS

users to port application on Android through Cordova, so I will try and make some effort in that direction to, since

Geeksphone’s Peak and Keon, are not still available in my country.


If there are any, I’d like to hear about comments on this, maybe some opinions. Bye!


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